Francesca Federico Receives National Recognition

Twelve Points Retirement Advisors is proud to announce that Co-Founder and Principal, Francesca Federico, has been named to the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) 2018 list of Top Women Advisors in the “All-Star” category.

Launched in 2015, the list acknowledges a growing number of women who are making significant contributions to the retirement industry, as well as bringing excellence to the profession. The All-Star category in particular recognizes top producers who have their own practice. Details about the 2018 list of Top Women Advisors can be found on the National Association of Plan Advisors website here.

Francesca is passionate about making a positive difference not only for her clients, but for the retirement industry as a whole. “I work in the least-trusted industry in America, but everyday I wake up and set out to change that, one handshake and client at a time,” remarks Francesca.

More than 500 nominees were asked to respond to a series of quantitative and qualitative questions regarding their experience and practice. Responses were anonymized and reviewed by a blue-ribbon panel of judges who then selected the women.

“We are pleased and proud to be able to once again acknowledge the fine and important work that these individuals have done to help provide a better retirement for their clients, employers, and individual retirement savers alike,” said Nevin E. Adams, Chief Communications Officer of the American Retirement Association, and Editor-in-Chief of NAPA-Net.

Read more details about Francesca and this prestigious recognition here.