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How we help schools, universities & Educators with Retirement plans

Twelve Points offers concierge-level service for retirement plan participants at schools and universities.

Educators and staff members at schools and universities are often so busy helping others, they rarely have time to help themselves. That’s where Twelve Points comes in. As fiduciaries, our duty is to put our client’s best interests first. We can help ensure the plan structure meets the needs and goals of your staff and faculty members, both now and in the future.

We love working with schools, universities, and educators because we understand the crucial role they play in our society. Many of the Twelve Points partners have loved ones who are active in the education world. We see how hard they work, and we want to provide our expertise to ensure they are saving enough for their future plans. It is our privilege to be a trusted guide for schools and universities for something so important as financial planning.

With over a decade of collective experience working with schools, universities, and educators on their retirement plans, we have direct expertise in navigating all facets of the challenges they face.

Old, Outdated Retirement Plan Structure
Often, we encounter schools and universities whose retirement plans were put into place many years ago. These plans can be loaded with fees and other problems, resulting in wasted money that could be avoided.

Staffing Changes & Turnover
Even if a plan was established more recently, the typically high turnover rate for educators means schools and universities can run into complications without an advisor reviewing the structure regularly.

Too Much Information, Not Enough Time
We can provide one-on-one service, clear guidance, and individualized attention to help your staff and faculty members get the full financial benefit they deserve when it may be otherwise challenging to do so.

Twelve Points aims to deliver comprehensive plan review, educate your staff and faculty members about financial health and retirement savings, and provide dedicated service they may not be able to get anywhere else.

We’re here to give you one less thing to worry about and provide the attention you need.

While the city of Boston's Smart plan is helpful, the smartest of my plan was to form a relationship with Twelve Points. Twelve Points has helped me to realize my retirement dreams and look forward to some financial stability as I adjust to the new, retirement, chapter of my life.

Boston Latin Academy 

Working with Twelve Points has been a game changer for Crossroads. Their experienced and balanced team focuses on real client support and satisfaction. They know who we are and value our mission. We greatly appreciate their proactive and tailored approach.

Crossroads Continuum 

As the Human Resources Manager at the Winsor School, I strive to assist our faculty and staff in answering their retirement and financial queries. However, I acknowledge that such matters are best handled by experts. That's where Twelve Points comes in - they act as an extension of our office, meeting with members of our community and getting to know them personally.

The Winsor School

The Winsor School started working with Twelve Points Co-Founder and President Francesca Federico in 2020. They reviewed our plans, identified issues and were able to reduce our costs and liability associated with administering our 403(b) plan. Twelve Points has the most rigorous and client-centered approach we have seen anywhere.

Francesca and her team are very welcoming, personable, responsive and professional. They are very easy to talk with, and provide an enormous amount of time to our faculty and staff - including one-on-one meetings several times a year. They always have our employees and the School's best interest at the heart of what they do and advise.

Simply put, Twelve Points astute sound financial advice, guidance, and professionalism is extraordinary. The wellbeing and financial security of our employees is our highest priority, and Twelve Points is the best partner we could imagine for helping each individual employee feel secure and confident in their present and their future.” – Karen, Winsor School

The Winsor School

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