What is and is Not Working in Today’s 401(k) Plans?

On May 16 we hosted The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) at Bentley University. 18 people representing 15 companies came to learn the ins and outs and best practices for running their companies’ 401(k) plans. Plans of all sizes were present for the program; ranging from 23 to over 65,000 employees. Over 75% of attendees came from companies with less than 150 employees.

Dave Clayman, CMT®, C(K)P®, AIF®, CPWA®, Co-founder and Principal was the adjunct lecturer and led a talk about best practices in running your 401(k) plan. The panel discussion was interactive and there were excellent questions throughout.

In the “What’s Working/What’s Not Working” session, the most common thing we heard was that there was a lack of employee education. Unfortunately we come across this all too often. Dave and the other lecturers gave some tips to help with employee education, but ultimately it comes down to a plan’s advisor educating employees to prepare them for retirement. This was a great group and all of the attendees collaborated well in the breakout session. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming TPSU program.