Alexandra (Sasha) Diana


Associate Financial Planner

I approach financial planning through my client’s individual goals, such as buying that dream house or traveling the world in retirement. I find it provides them with a personal context and a deeper understanding of the individual value finances bring to their lives.

Sasha grew up in a finance conscious household, and has been a part of the financial industry since birth. Her father fostered industry awareness by sitting the family down to share household accounts, go through expenses and explain the nuances of budgeting. This family practice attracted Sasha to the finance field and instilled in her the financial principles that guide her work and interest today. She went on to earn an undergraduate degree in Economics abroad and a Masters of Science in Financial Planning (MSFP) from Bentley University.

Sasha pursued a career in finance in order to empower and educate others to achieve their life goals through financial planning. More specifically, Sasha finds it especially compelling to construct a cohesive and comprehensive financial plan from the intricate details of her clients’ accounts. When she expands a client’s perceptions of wealth through deconstructing finance fundamentals, it often relieves the stress and fear relating to that individual’s finances.

At Twelve Points, Sasha assists senior planners in preparing goal-based personal financial plans, as well as investment portfolio analyses for existing and prospective clients. Sasha is a Certified Financial Planner ® and an active member of The Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts.

Sasha is an avid alpine skier and frequent scuba diver, thanks to her European roots. Sasha lives in Natick with her husband, Michael.

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